Used Fridge Trucks with Meat Rails for Sale in BathAre you looking for used fridge trucks with meat rails for sale in Bath?

You can find exactly what you need at our facility. We specialise in top condition, low-mileage vehicles with an authentic history and convenient warranty. Additionally, you can rely on us to customise your vehicle. We have our own in-house workshop and paintshop. Upon request, we can alter and rebuild vehicles according to your specifications. We provide a comprehensive range of DAF refrigerated meat trucks, both 12 and 18 tonners. In addition, they have tough and efficient fridge bodies, meat rails and meat loaders. Yet, this brand is best for its reliability, low operating costs, driver comfort and safety systems.

For your business in Bath, used fridge trucks with meat rails for sale are available. Thus, these vehicles form the cornerstone of your meat business. If you need features such as electrical stand-by or supra diesel refrigeration systems, let us know. Hence, our technical team has the necessary experience, knowledge and training to give you the right advice and assistance. Meat rail systems provide the ideal bespoke solution for hanging, storage and transportation of meat. This system is a great resource for a range of businesses, from small, local butcheries to supermarkets and hypermarkets. The multi-rail system comprises an overhead track with hangers, turntables and junctions. Hence, this is ideal for moving and hanging heavy meat products easily and ergonomically.

Used fridge trucks with meat rails for sale in Bath are available for inspection at our facility. These vehicles come and go swiftly, so if you need one, keep in touch with us. Hence, often, they are sold so fast that there’s not enough time to feature them on our website. As such, they are so popular because they help to hang meat easily and move it conveniently. The multi-rail system creates a specific zone for meat processing and movement through the cold areas. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks for more information. These vehicles help to increase the hygiene and cleanliness of your business and improve your profits.