New Build Scaffold Bodies

We specialise in constructing new build dropside flatbed bodies on used chassis cabs to your specification, whether it be to scaffolding, engineering or any other spec. All bodies are manufactured new from the ground up including cross members, chassis runners, side guards, headboard etc. In other words, these are not simply conversions of previous bodies into dropsiders but a completely new bespoke body exactly as you want it set out. We can build to a range of lengths and widths to suit your application, and if the wheelbase needs to be changed to accommodate the body length and load distribution you require then we can either increase or reduce it suit. We can fit accessories if you want toolboxes, tail-lifts, post holes, lashing rails, tie hooks, reversing cameras etc. and can bring vehicles up to FORS compliance for vehicles going into London if required. Our bodies usually take about one to two weeks to complete from start to finish including inspection and valeting at the end although during busy periods there may be a lead time of a couple of weeks before we can start it. Whatever you want give us a call and we can go through the details and provide you with a quote and timescale for completion.