Scaffolding Trucks in Leeds

Scaffolding trucks in Leeds, customised to your specifications are at Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks.We build new dropside flatbeds on used chassis to lengths and widths to suit your required application. We fit it out for the way you work with the accessories you want. If you plan to use the truck in London, it will need to be FORS compliant. We can do that for you. They will be customised for an even load however you need to anchor it. We can set you up with a tube and coupler, timber or bamboo scaffolds, H-frame and prefabricated modular system.

All components for each type are included. In Leeds, scaffolding trucks that we offer will support your work crew on the work site of most all structures. This is serious business to us just as it is to you. Worker safety is critical but you can depend on our expertise. When you call us or pay a visit, we’ll get your specifications and show you examples of our work. We’ll be able to give you a price quote based on your custom new build type. We might even be able to secure a 3-seater cab if you need one. We’ll give you an estimated completion date when we give you the price quote. Once we start, the job will take one to two weeks. Depending on how busy we are, there may or may not be a lead time.

If new build scaffolding trucks in Leeds is more than you want to invest, have a look at our used trucks. We have used trucks with either the original scaffold or dropside bodies. These are second hand trucks but they are a great value. We specialise in low mileage and good condition. We provide our customers with the full history of the vehicle so you know exactly what you’re buying with no surprises. The trucks are clean, good looking, MOT tested and ready to go off the lot. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks and talk to us about your scaffolding truck requirements and let us know the budget you’re working within. If you choose to finance your scaffolding truck, as a convenience, we can help with that through a cooperating agent.