Euro 6 Scaffolding Trucks in London

Euro 6 scaffolding trucks LondonDon’t worry about buying Euro 6 scaffolding trucks in London when you buy from us at Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks.

Our trucks are allowed to operate in London because they are ULEZ compliant. That means they meet the current standards for emissions based on real life use. This is good news for diesel users operating commercial trucks in a high traffic and densely populated area. You don’t have to be concerned with additional taxes and fees. Everybody wants clean air and now it’s possible to achieve that goal. Buy a used scaffolding truck from us and other worries go away as well. For instance, you don’t have to worry about overpaying, securing reasonable financing, or getting a dependable commercial vehicle.

The best part of trusting us with your used truck purchase is the guarantee it will be to your specifications. You know, in London, Euro 6 scaffolding trucks have many uses and sometimes diverse operations or multiple operations. So how do you get a used truck with a scaffold on a flatbed or an extended flatbed to suit your requirements? That is our speciality so just tell us what you need. We can do conversions if that’s all you want. However, our bespoke newbuild bodies are manufactured from the ground up according to your specifications. If you need an extended length to accommodate your load length, that’s how we’ll build it. The load can be distributed evenly the way you want it done. Make it wider if that is what will work for you.

Euro 6 scaffolding trucks in London can be completed to your specifications through conversion of a used truck or a newbuild. You know how you like to work so when we follow your specifications we can also include your accessories. The average time to completion is two weeks from when we start the work. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks and tell us about the scaffolding truck you need. When we give you a price quote we will also include the estimated completion date. At that time, your vehicle will be clean, ready to go and if you wish, FORS compliant. For sure it will be Euro 6 compliant. We guarantee your satisfaction and you’ll know you have a dependable commercial vehicle that operates to your specifications.