HGV Trucks for Sale in ChesterHence, we have a splendid collection of HGV trucks for sale in Chester.

HGV is an acronym for Heavy Goods Vehicle. Thus, this type of truck is a valuable addition to your business or fleet as it provides unmatched versatility and operational flexibility. In addition, you can use HGV trucks for long-distance cargo transportation and easy deliveries in urban centres. We supply high-quality used trucks that deliver your required performance without the cost. Thus, acquiring used trucks helps you save some funds for operations. Many people avoid buying used trucks because they doubt the engine’s mechanical integrity or the components’ longevity. Yet, we verify the quality of every truck we sell and specialise in low mileage trucks in good condition and a full history.

However, acquiring a used truck can be daunting if you are new to the game. In Chester, our HGV trucks for sale have a warranty to assure your peace of mind. Moreover, we ensure your truck is in good condition and you get value for your money. We are an independent, non-franchised commercial vehicle dealer with vehicles ranging from 7.5 Ton Rigids to 44 Ton tractor units and trailers. Working with an established dealer like us protects you from conmen and scams. Thus, you can view our trucks at our lot and have your mechanic verify their quality if necessary.

We have additional services available with our HGV trucks for sale in Chester. Moreover, we can modify your truck to suit your needs after purchase. Thus, our workshop services include building dropside and scaffold spec bodies, cab/body repair and refurbishment, new and used curtains, tail-lifts, and wheelbase alterations. Furthermore, we also have a paint shop where we can do paintwork, sign writing and vehicle graphics to customize your truck for its purpose. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks today if you need a HGV truck. In addition, our ethos values customer satisfaction above everything. As such, we ensure our staff are courteous and respectful in all our dealings.