fridge trucks in Warrington

fridge trucks in WarringtonThere are a number of benefits to including fridge trucks in Warrington in your fleet.

A fridge truck is so much more than a typical transport vehicle. Use it to help expand your business. Perhaps you provide a delivery service between towns. With a fridge truck, you will be able to increase the size and type of load to your business offerings. A fridge truck will keep your load at the desired temperature, keeping the cargo safe and fresh during transport. One imagines that one will use a fridge truck to transport food. However, a fridge truck is also able to would transport any type of product that needs to remain at a constant temperature.

Increase the size of business deliveries. In Warrington, fridge trucks are climate controlled and will keep your delivery in prime condition all the way to its destination. If you would like to acquire a fridge truck for your business, remember Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks. Our fridge trucks are all high quality, excellent condition, low mileage and affordable. Have a look at what have on offer. We have fridge trucks available in a range of different sizes for different applications. Some of our fridge trucks are available with extra features such as meat rails. However, all of them are in superb condition.

Fridge trucks in Warrington are available in different registrations, from ’03 to ’08. They are also affordably priced and can suit any budget. Looking for top quality fridge trucks to add your company vehicle fleet? Then contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks today. We are a non-franchised company offering excellent quality used trucks to all our customers. With the huge variety available at top prices, you can know that you will receive the best fridge truck for your needs. Our vehicles have low mileage, available of up to 220 horsepower and many that still have a valid MOT certificate. Have a look at our site, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know. We can assist. You can’t go wrong when you choose your fridge truck from our team.