Fridge Trucks in Norwich

idge trucks in NorwichConsider adding fridge trucks in Leeds if you are planning on expanding your business.

A fridge truck allows you to transport perishable goods that must remain at a certain temperature to their destination. Perhaps you were hesitant to transport food products without the correct vehicle. However, now it is possible. We have a large selection of top quality fridge trucks. Moreover, each truck that we have on offer is in excellent condition, with low mileage and available with its full history. Thus, you can rest assured that when you purchase a used truck from our team, you will receive a top quality vehicle.

For your expanding business in Norwich, fridge trucks are the perfect addition to your fleet. We offer our used fridge trucks in many different sizes for certain specifications. Further, some also include additional extras such as meat rails. As we have a number of fridge trucks available of up to 220 horsepower, and many that still have a valid MOT certificate, you can know and believe that you’re getting a quality vehicle. Moreover, all our fridge trucks are in excellent condition. They’re available in various registrations from ’03 to ’08. Our prices are competitive and we believe you’ll find a fridge truck that will suit your budget. As such, we also stock used trucks in different sizes depending on your specific needs and what you are looking for.

Fridge trucks in Norwich, when purchased from a well-established company, are value for money. We are a non-franchised dealer of used commercial vehicles. Thus, for more details about our available fridge trucks, contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks. We have a large number of trucks in our inventory. However, some of these are sold before we can advertise them. Hence, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for on our website, let us know what you are looking for. We may be able to source it for you. Furthermore, our team also offers full workshop and paintshop facilities. Thus, this means we can add your company logo to your new fridge truck.