Used Trucks in Manchester

Used Trucks in Manchester Used trucks in Manchester is a smart investment when you are buying for commercial use.

New commercial vehicles may depreciate as much as 30% the first year and 20% in the following years. The depreciation rate for commercial vehicles is greater than domestic vehicles because it’s assumed they will experience more wear and tear. Consider too, that commercial vehicles tend to be higher priced than domestic vehicles. So let’s say you buy a new commercial truck for £100,000. In one year, with average depreciation, it is only worth £70,000 and at the end of year two, it’s worth £56,000. Can your business afford to toss aside over £40,000? Or would you be better off buying the two-year-old vehicle for £56,000?

Those are questions you might want to take up with your tax accountant, but on its face, your cash flow would take less of a hit if you buy the two-year-old truck. In Manchester, used trucks for commercial use are available in great condition with low miles from Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks. We offer most popular brands like Volvo, Isuzu, Mercedes, Ivco and more. From 7.5 tonne rigids to 44 tonne tractors and tractors with trailers, we have the body types you need. We have cranes, dropsiders, fridges, meat railers, and box vans, just to name a few. You’re not buying blind when you buy from us because we supply buyers of our used trucks with a full vehicle history and we offer a warranty.

If we don’t have the used trucks in Manchester that you want, it’s likely that we will. Some of them come in and go out quickly, so contact us and let us know exactly what you’re looking for. We can likely source it for you or it could come in tomorrow. We make it as easy as possible for you by providing low cost financing. Along with that, our workshop and paintshop can customise your trucks. Perhaps you want a custom body or just your company name lettering on the box. Change to a new colour or freshen up the old one. Trailers, vans, tractor units are all part of our inventory. We are here to make sure you get the commercial vehicle you need to get the job done at an affordable price.