chassis cabsIf you’re planning to buy top quality chassis cabs in Nottingham, get in touch with the specialists. We have several years’ experience in sale of low mileage, excellent condition vehicles and trucks that carry a consistent history and genuine warranties. When you find the right vehicle here to suit your needs, preferences and budget, we can value add with alterations and customisation that you require. We have complete paintshop and workshop facilities on site. We also specialise in scaffold dropside bodies on a range of cabs, from 7.5, 10, 12, 14, 15 to 26t Gross Vehicle Weight.

For business owners in Nottingham, chassis cabs are a popular choice for contractors and others in different professions who need a versatile, useful vehicle. They are convenient because you can attach any other sort of vehicle or attachment and transport it to your job site. The chassis cab looks a lot like the pickup truck but it has certain obvious differences. It is basically an incomplete model with only the frame rails positioned behind the cab and has fewer features than the pickup. The rear portion of the chassis cab is a reinforced platform and not the box type bed that the pickup has. Based on the user’s requirements, various attachments can be added such as dump truck body, service body or utility bed, concrete body, flatbed body, or bucket body. Since the chassis cab truck has flat, standard size, straight frame rails that are convenient for installation of standard fit equipment.

Chassis cabs in Nottingham can also be fitted with dual alternators, crane uplifts, snow-plough, and interior features such as rubber flooring because it is much easier to install these items on them. Though they have lower horsepower and torque ratings, they are more durable and sturdy than pickups, with better fuel economy. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks for the right advice and assistance from our technical team. These vehicles can be used in landscaping, agricultural and electrical work, waste-management, forestry, medical and hospitality industry, and much more.