Chassis Cabs in Leeds

Chassis Cabs in LeedsIf you’ve decided on purchasing chassis cabs in Leeds, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

The decision to purchase a new vehicle is a large one. Hence, this is why choosing a vehicle from Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks is a good investment. All our vehicles are in excellent condition. This includes our chassis cabs. A chassis cab is a sound investment as you can change them to meet your specific requirements. A chassis cab is similar to a pickup truck. However, its construction enables it with a specific capability and with service duty in mind. The chassis is versatile and you can convert it with a service body.

For contractors in Leeds, chassis cabs are a popular choice. A chassis cab is both a useful and versatile vehicle. While it does look like a pickup truck, it is basically an incomplete model with only the frame rails positioned behind the cab. It also has fewer features that a pickup truck. As such, it is versatile because you can add different attachments to it. These could include a dump truck body, service body or utility bed, concrete body, flatbed body, or bucket body. This means you’ll have a vehicle that meets your exact requirements. All our used vehicles and trucks are low mileage, and all are available with full history. We also only provide vehicles in good condition, each maintained and serviced by our own mechanics.

Chassis cabs in Leeds are an excellent investment for your business. We are a non-franchised dealer of used commercial vehicles. On offer are vehicles from 7.5 Ton Rigids to 44 Ton Tractor units and trailers. For more details on how we can assist you with top quality Chassis cabs, contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks today. We have a large turnover of our vehicles, some of which don’t get advertised. If you do not find the chassis cab that meets your needs on our website, speak to us. Moreover, we’ll be happy to source it for you.