scaffolding trucksScaffolding trucks in Cardiff for your business provide numerous benefits.

We are a non-franchised dealer of used commercial vehicles. This includes excellent quality scaffolding trucks. The scaffolding trucks we have on offer are typically flatbed rigids with a longer load bed than normal. Within the load bed, the truck’s bodies generally have to provide stanchions to prevent scaffold tubes moving. Some scaffolding trucks have a three-seat cab rather than the traditional two-seat arrangement.

The right equipment plays a huge role in a successful project. The same is said, in Cardiff, of scaffolding trucks. Perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for a brand new truck. You’ll find that we offer top quality, low mileage used scaffolding trucks. Our prices are competitive, and you can rely on an excellent service. We provide a full warranty on our trucks. Also included is the full history of the scaffolding truck of your choice. Should you not see the particular model of scaffolding truck on our site, please contact us. We have a large turnover, so it is possible that the truck you require is recently available.

Scaffolding trucks in Cardiff are available from an independent dealer. For more details about our excellent quality scaffolding trucks, contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks. We also have a body and paint shop on site so we can customise your truck to your reasonable expectations. Our expert team can build a range of lengths and widths to suit your specific requirements. It may be necessary that the wheelbase needs changing to accommodate the body length and load distribution for your specific needs. If so, we can either increase or reduce it suit. We can add accessories such as toolboxes, tail-lifts, post holes, lashing rails, tie hooks, and reversing cameras. We will assist you by ensuring that you get the vehicle you need at the lowest possible price. Easy financing terms to help you get the truck you want are also on offer.