Scaffolding Trucks in Bristol

Scaffolding trucks in LondonIf you are looking for top-quality scaffolding trucks in London, remember Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks.

As a non-franchised dealer, we offer a range of used commercial vehicles from 7.5 Ton Rigids to 44 Ton Tractor units and trailers. We only offer low mileage, good condition vehicles and trucks for sale, all of which come complete with a full history and warranty. Scaffolding trucks are typically flatbed rigids with a longer load bed than normal. Typically used for transporting longer than usual equipment, they are perfect for any application.

For your business in London, scaffolding trucks are a sound investment. Using the correct tools for the job is important, and the same can be said for the right vehicle. Using a scaffolding truck will make transporting the materials and equipment you need for your project easier, and safe. We specialise in reliable, quality low mileage used trucks. If you are interested, we also have a body and paint shop on site so we can customise your truck to your reasonable expectations including new build bodies. If you are looking for scaffolding trucks, we specialise in dropside body construction. All bodies are manufactured new. This includes cross members, chassis runners, side guards, and headboards. We do not provide simple conversions of previous bodies into dropsiders but are a completely new bespoke body exactly as you would like it.

Scaffolding trucks in London are ULEZ compliant. This means they meet emission requirements and can be used in London. Our expert team can build a range of lengths and widths to suit your requirements. If the wheelbase needs to be changed to accommodate the body length and load distribution for your specific needs, we can either increase or reduce it to suit. We can also fit accessories such as toolboxes, tail-lifts, post holes, lashing rails, tie hooks, and reversing cameras. The work on the bodies typically requires about one to two weeks to complete from start to finish. This will include inspection and valeting at the end. For more details about our scaffolding trucks, contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks today. We are happy to provide you with a quote.