Euro 6 Trucks in Liverpool

Euro 6 Trucks in LiverpoolWe have used Euro 6 trucks in Liverpool for sale at Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks.

If you’re looking for a used commercial truck, you know it has to be compliant with emissions regulations. Since the introduction of Euro 6 in 2015, a vehicle manufactured before 2015 may not be compliant. Your paperwork for your truck should have that information. If your driving takes you into London then you already know it’s an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). But you also need to know that in late 2021 that ULEZ zone will extend to encompass a larger area. If your vehicle is not in compliance, the fine is £100, per day, for heavier vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. That’s a high price to pay and a sign that you may need to replace your truck.

We are an independent dealer of low mileage commercial vehicles in good condition. For those in Liverpool, Euro 6 trucks are available from 7.5 ton Rigid right up to 44 ton tractor and trailer units. Included in our inventory at any given time, you will find dropsiders, fridge trucks, box vans, and more. Our inventory is fluid so if you don’t see what you want, tell us. We’ll do our best to source the vehicle you need. You don’t want to buy blind and neither do we so we get a full background history on all the vehicles we place in our inventory. We pass that information along to buyers with our warranty. We’ll include the proof of Euro 6 compliance.

Euro 6 trucks in Liverpool from Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks is a cost efficient way to buy a like-new truck for far less than new truck prices. If you need your truck customised, we can do that for you. We have an expertly staffed workshop and paint shop on site to carry our changes and modifications. We can also arrange for lettering. When you leave us with your new used truck it will fully represent your business and your specific use. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks and have a look at our inventory and prices. You will see all the best manufacturer brands represented. You’ll be impressed with the quality of our trucks and the customer service we provide.