Euro 6 Dropside Scaffolding Trucks in Leeds

Euro 6 Dropside Scaffolding Trucks in LeedsEnsure that you get your next Euro 6 Dropside Scaffolding trucks in Leeds from the specialists.

Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks is the leading independent used truck dealer in the region. As a non-franchised dealer, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicles. These include a wide selection of used commercial vehicles, from 7.5 tonne rigids to massive 44 ton tractors and trailers. We offer a one-stop shop service that includes sales, new build dropsides, scaffold spec bodies, paintwork, graphics and design, cab/body repair, refurbishment, curtains and tail-lift supply and wheelbase alterations. All our vehicles are low mileage, good condition, complete history and warranty. Customisation facilities are also available on request.

For our customers in Leeds, Euro 6 dropside scaffolding trucks are flatbed rigids. They have longer load beds than normal trucks. In the load bed, the scaffolding body has inserts for stanchions that prevent movement of scaffold tubes. They may also have three-seater crew type cabs in lieu of the traditional two-seater arrangement. Scaffolders can also remove the dropsides to access the poles more easily. The front part of the truck’s body can keep the dropsides. This means that there is more space for storage of couplers, tools and safety equipment. These features make dropside scaffolding trucks true workhorses that are versatile and tough. The moderately sized sides and rear serve as restrainers. Load and unload these vehicles from either side, or from above with a crane.

We can alter the wheelbase of Euro 6 dropside scaffolding trucks in Leeds according to your requirements. Our trained, experienced team can help customers to also fit the right type of cab. You may need a day cab, crew cab or sleeper type. Many dropside scaffolding trucks have the provision to carry an on-board crane. You can use them to transport loose materials and also palletted loads. Their flexibility is a great advantage, as they can carry loads of any shape or size. Get in touch with Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks. We work in tandem with clients from a vast range of industries such as building, construction and transportation and offer the best used truck deals.