Fridge trucks in Manchester

fridge trucks in ManchesterFridge trucks in Manchester are an excellent choice for your food distribution company.

The right vehicle plays a crucial role in the safe transport of perishable items. Most trucks are not climate controlled. However, with a fridge truck, you can be sure that of a specific level of temperature during transportation to the destination. Your business’ reputation depends on efficient and safe delivery of your goods. Fridge trucks are for more than one type of industry. These include the fish, dairy, meat industry to the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry.

If you are expanding your business in Manchester, fridge trucks are helpful in generating more revenue. With a fridge truck, you’ll be able to continue delivery throughout the year. If you want to purchase a fridge truck for your business, remember us. We are a non-franchised dealer of used commercial vehicles. These include 7.5 Ton Rigids to 44 Ton Tractor units and trailers, as well as fridge trucks. All our vehicles are available with full history and warranty. Our experienced team ensures the maintenance and condition of each of our available trucks. On offer are trucks from most well-known brands such as DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes and more.

Top quality fridge trucks in Manchester are available for your perusal. We have a vast variety of different sizes for certain specifications. A number of these trucks include additional extras such as meat rails. If you are searching for a used fridge truck that will meet your specific requirements, contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks today. Our fridge trucks are available in vehicle of up to 220 horsepower and many still have a valid MOT certificate. As such, all our fridge trucks are in excellent condition – we do not offer anything less. Moreover, there are fridge trucks available in various registrations from ’03 to ’08. On top of that, our prices are competitive, all our trucks suit a range of budgets. Extend your fleet, and grow your business when you choose an excellent quality used fridge truck from our selection.