Fridge Trucks in Edinburgh

Fridge Trucks in EdinburghFridge trucks in Edinburgh keep fresh and frozen products moving.

If that’s your business, reliability is paramount. We know that cash flow is paramount as well if you want to stay in business. That’s why one of our used trucks will meet you right in the middle to keep your customers and your bottom line happy. For instance right now, we have a DAF 2013 12 ton gvw with an 18’ meat rail body and 3 meat rails. It’s complete with a meat hoist and load lock. MOT test is still good. The whole truck is in excellent condition and at an unbelievable price. It won’t last but always check with us because we may have what you need. If not, there’s a good chance we can source it for you. It might come in the very next day.

Whether you need a fridge truck for light, medium or heavy-duty use, we can help you out. In Edinburgh, fridge trucks, like all of our trucks, are carefully selected to meet our standards for low mileage and good condition. We have the complete background history of each vehicle and our warranty. Refrigeration units for fresh foods, temperature sensitive drugs and other product transport are fully operational and adjustable. Transporting perishable products is a time sensitive undertaking so you want your engine as reliable as your refrigeration unit. You can get all those standards met when you buy a used fridge truck from Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks.

Used fridge trucks in Edinburgh as well as commercial trucks of all kinds are offered for sale. Our reliable vehicles are a good hedge against the instant depreciation that takes place when you drive a new truck off the lot. Take advantage of our other services that can help make your buying experience even better. If you need financing, we can handle that here for you at competitive rates. It’s just a courtesy; we don’t make money from financing. If you need the truck painted, we have a paint shop on site to customise it and letter it for you if needed. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks and learn about our inventory. We’ll help you find just what you’re looking for.