Dropside Trucks For Sale in SheffieldTop-quality dropside trucks for sale in Sheffield can solve your transportation issues.

These versatile vehicles are available at Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks at various price points. We specialise in putting clients in touch with excellent condition, low mileage vehicles. You will find that all vehicles have full maintenance and provenance history with warranty. Once you purchase from us, you’ll have peace of mind. The one suggestion we have is that you keep in touch with us on a regular basis. This is because we have vehicles coming and going very frequently and the turnover rate is high. Often, they are gone before we have a chance to advertise them. We can also help you to source the vehicle that you want.

Though dropside trucks for sale in Sheffield don’t look as impressive as other workhorse models, they are versatile and tough. It has an open body and not the conventional box or container type. Essentially it is a flatbed with some modifications. It has restraining sides and rear that can open easily. This means that you can be load or unload from either side, the top or rear. You can also use cranes for loading and unloading. Some models have in-built cranes on board to enhance flexibility. We can also customise our dropside trucks for sale to suit your requirements. We have full-scale paintshop and workshop facilities in house. Our team of professionals and mechanics can help you select the right vehicle.

Our dropside trucks for sale in Sheffield can also have tipping mechanisms, day cabs, crew or sleeper cabs for your convenience. We can also change the wheelbase according to your requirements. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks about our available dropside trucks. We can provide you with more information on our inventory and services. Dropside trucks are a great option to transport loose materials, loads of awkward shape and size, machinery, agricultural goods, construction equipment and materials.