Crane Trucks in Birmingham

Crane Trucks in Birmingham Has the time come to add crane trucks in Birmingham to your fleet? Good, that means business is going well. However, if you don’t want to break the bank on this purchase, consider Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks. We generally have a selection available depending on the type and weight you need. If we don’t, we make every effort to source one for you. We specialise in commercial vehicles that are well-respected brands, less than 3 years old and low mileage. Buying used is a smart move because it means less money up front and less depreciation when you drive it off the lot. What you get is a reliable commercial vehicle that, with recommended care, will serve you well for many years.

A crane truck may be needed by your company but it may not be used every day. For many contractors in Birmingham, crane trucks are equipment you want immediately available when needed to carry out a job. You could hire one but who knows how long of a delay that will cause. So it’s smart and efficient to have your own equipment, even if it sits idle sometimes. It’s just good business to buy a clean, well maintained used vehicle as an asset for up to 30% less than a new crane truck. We make these transactions stress free for you with free financing assistance. We also have a body shop and paint shop on site. We can letter your company logo in company colours on your new equipment.

We source crane trucks in Birmingham suited for a variety of purposes from heavy steel work loading and moving, front and rear mounted booms, mobile cranes and more. DAF and Iveco are two of the leading brands that we recommend with 150hp to 250hp. This is your livelihood so get the equipment you need to operate and grow your business. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks for more about our available crane trucks. If you have questions concerning the right crane truck for your needs, we have all the information to answer those queries. You won’t need to research the history of our vehicles because we have that already prepared for you. You will know everything about the crane truck before you buy it.