Dropside Scaffolding Trucks for Sale in ManchesterDropside scaffolding trucks for sale in Manchester are available at excellent prices.

A dropside scaffolding truck is one of the most useful and hardy trucks available today. Typically a flatbed rigid truck, they have a longer load bed than usual. The bed of these trucks usually has grooves to ensure that the scaffolding does not move around during transit. It also has a rear and sides that drop down to assist with loading and unloading. A versatile truck, it is a popular choice in the construction trade. If you’re planning on adding to your fleet, or just starting your new business, this is a truck well worth considering.

For business owners in Manchester, dropside scaffolding trucks for sale are available at excellent prices. Each truck we have on offer has a full history, and is in an excellent condition. We’re a non-franchised dealer of top quality second hand trucks and trailers. These include commercial vehicles from 7.5 ton rigids to 44 ton tractor units and trailers. We’re proud of our reputation for providing excellent quality used vehicles at top of the range prices, and all in excellent quality. You are sure to find the perfect used dropside scaffolding truck that is best for your specific requirements. On top of that, we can also organise finance, subject to approval for your chosen truck. We can arrange delivery for your truck too. Speak to us about a quotation.

Dropside scaffolding trucks for sale in Manchester are but a phone call away. Contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks today if you are looking for the perfect used truck for your business. Our trucks are highly popular, and it is best to speak to us as soon as possible for the truck you would like. We also offer a full workshop and paintshop facility where we can alter and customise your selected vehicle to your specification. This includes the construction of complete new build bodies as well as scaffold specification dropside bodies on different size chassis cabs. You can get the truck you need for your business, when you need it.