White lorry driving in the snow

Haulage Operators Urged to Help Improve Road Safety Standards

With winter on the way, driving does become a more hazardous occupation with the chances of adverse weather conditions high and the night’s drawing in early all key contributors to the increased risk. With this in mind, haulage operators are being urged to help the already improved road safety standards within the UK even further, with the road safety charity Brake offering a serious of webinars and a one day seminar to help achieve this.

According to recent figures compiled by the Campaign for Better Transport, there are fewer deaths on our roads than there were ten years ago, however the number of serious incidents involving HGVs has risen. The research found that in 2012, one in five fatal crashes on the A-roads of the UK involved a HGV whilst more than half of all fatal accidents on motorways had a HGV involved. This shows that whilst road safety is better than it once was, there is still work to be done in certain areas.

The free webinars and low cost seminar are part of Brake’s ‘Essential Guide for SMEs’ which is targeted at road haulage operators and freight companies and aims to spread a road safety message to the industry’s largest sector. With crashes at work costing UK employers £2.7 billion each year and with the accident rate figures outlined above in mind, it is clear that preventing these accidents from the outset brings with it many benefits.

The events outlined below will offer you practical advice that can be easily implemented within your service to keep your drivers and every other road user safe;

12th December 2013- The ‘Are your drivers working for you?’ free one hour webinar looks at how driver’s behaviour can be influenced to improve safety, reduce risks and ensure cost efficiency. Find out more and book your place by clicking here.

30th January 2014- The ‘Are your vehicles working for you?’ free one hour webinar explores how you can ensure your fleet of vehicles are safe to be out on the UK roads. Find out more and book your place for this webinar here.

6th & 25th February 2014- A one day seminar, ‘Big savings for small businesses’, in London on the 6th and in Manchester on the 25th will run through the benefits of and how to action at-work road safety. Discover more on this seminar and book your place by clicking here.

At Malcolm Taylor Commercials, we are well aware of the importance of ensuring vehicles are roadworthy and make sure to complete all the necessary checks before making any vehicle available for purchase. We are certainly backing this latest initiative from Brake and encourage you to join the webinar and/or attend the seminar to keep your drivers and everyone else out on the road safe at all times.