Dropside Trucks in Preston

Dropside Trucks in PrestonFind dropside trucks in Preston for your business when you speak to Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks.

We specialise in constructing new build dropside flatbed bodies on used chassis cabs to your specification. This means that you have a wide variety of used trucks to choose from, perfect for your specific needs. A dropside truck body has a number of fold-down gates along the edge of a platform. This handy feature allows for easy access for forklifts while providing load security. Owners of dropside trucks most often use them in the construction industry. This is because they are easy to alter to meet the business owner’s needs.

The dropside truck is also great for the transport of aggregates, loose materials and pallets. In Preston, dropside trucks can be seen as a flatbed truck with a little enhancement. It has an open body, and does not resemble a box truck or a curtainsider. In a nutshell, it is a flatbed truck with restraining sides and rear. The design of this truck makes it easy for loading and off loading on either side, or from the rear. We offer full workshop and paintshop facilities. This means we can alter and customise your vehicle according to your requirements, upon request. Our experts can construct complete new build bodies. We also specialise in the construction of scaffold specification dropside bodies on chassis cabs from 7.5t through 10t, 12t, 14t, 15t, 18t and 26t Gross Vehicle Weights.

Dropside trucks in Preston are handy for any type of business. They make it easy to load and offload your goods. When you choose a dropside truck from our team, you are choosing a truck known as a popular workhorse. For more details on how we can assist you, contact Malcolm Taylor Used Trucks. When we build new scaffold bodies for the dropside truck, they are new. They are not conversions from previous bodies, but bespoke, exactly the way you want it. We can build to a range of lengths and widths to suit your application. We can also assist with finance for your used truck should you need it.